curly hair

this UN straight line that affects your hair that add a lot to your face features and the popular culture these days, but actually a lot of people have wavy and curly hair just Little bit of care and would be amazing .

you can see on the media right now a lot of thoughts about curly hair and how to keep it as nice as we see it online, there’s flexseed gel which is a gel to protect the hair from being so messy and at the same time keep it very natural and fresh looking, this product for curly hair.

curly hair

how to use it ?

you can boil 1 cup for flex-seed for 2 cups of water and keep flipping till you get this gel texture, leave with the natural temp at the same room for 15 mins then filter the gel from the flex-seed to get the mix separated.
use it on your wet hair and keep pushing and squeezing your hair slowly from down to up till you get the correct curly, plus applying the gel in your hands.

curly hair

Here’s some popular people on youtube to see how it worked with them >>
“for the Arabian people”
1- ibrahim ramzat link for the video here.
“for the english people”
2- Naptural85 .. Video link HERE.
3- alexandrasgirlytalk .. Video links HERE

a lot of people suffer from split hair ends, also hair loss which is so annoying for both men and women, here is the best vitamins you can find in the middle east and all around the world for hair strength…

1- perfictil

hair vitamins

perfectil considered one of the best vitamins in the world. the reviews are very good , you find it here.

Hair gate

It’s a local product is being sold in Egypt, which contains ingredients and well-known , which works very good.
you can find it here from the direct seller account here.

3- centrum

very good reviews all well on centrum which is not only for women there’s for men as well which is amazing and you can find it here.


this brand owned by a famous youtuber in usa and the reviews are amazing so if you are in usa make sure you try but be consistent for 3 months and i am sure you will see a result and you can find it here.

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