Hello my ladies,
Here we going to talk about some etiquette steps to level up your lifestyle as if you think about joining the high life and to join high portfolio level so need to make some changes.
first, let me tell you something ladies you don’t to change yourself if you love it we just wants to be better be more feminine as the average Joe may accept may type, the high life and elegance ladies always found in the luxurious life follow some nice steps and aware exactly how to react and how to treat yourself.

Here’s some steps ladies to level up your lifestyle and your way to be ladylike :

1- Be confident


for personal experience i suffered with my confidence and till today i am working on it, your confidence is a way of and mirror to your personality and it comes from inside out, the way you speak and talk and treat people, maybe you can go over the limit sometimes, “which i personally did” even after a lot of training and memorizing my self that i can’t break the rules the promised myself to follow, so it’s ok to always think before you talk and know how precious you’re, specially in this covid-19 situation as we’re all locked at home so it will be easier to learn more and more.

2- positive attitude

Ladies let’s be honest we go through the toughest situations ever, every week end every once in awhile, it happens, it’s ups and downs, you’re safe now and you can make change, wake up start again, another day, you’ve learnt a lot and these are not just couple of words, they are true as the positive attitude will keep you going will attract what you need, it will keep you in the best mind state ever.

3- Glass of water

Glass of water

Drinking from a glass of water, it’s a behavior came out and it’s amazing so let me explain to you how exactly it works : you will always make sure that you drink from a glass cup not a bottle, we all guilty of this but it’s okey we learn and level up as you can train yourself on this trick by drinking a lot of water everyday.

4- Tone of voice

Ladies to be honest we all lose it sometimes, we all shout, we get mad, we lose our minds which is absolutely fine but always keep it with the close friends and people have as this behavior is not feminine at all.

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