Body shapes

Hour glass shape

Hour glass shape is the most popular body shape and considered the most easiest body shape at finding clothes for it just depends on big hips and tits and small waist and so suitable for clothes with pattern at the waist.

inverted triangle shape

This body shape more full from the tits and shoulders side, for this body shape we want to add more emphasis on the lower body as we can camouflage the shoulders size by dressing is light colors in the lower body as light trousers and to avoid the bright colors on the upper body.

round shape

this body shape is more for older ladies nad when the body start circling the middle, as for this body shape you can focus on more coverage as clothes with straight line and in this body shape we can focus on camouflaging the belly part fullness.

this swimsuit is perfect so rounded body shape which attracts more attention to the waist as it’s camouflaged.

triangle body shape

traingle body shape

for me this is my favorite body shape, it looks so feminine, for this body shape it’s better to emphasis the lower body and to wear dark trousers in the lower body to camouflage it.

rectangle body shape

in this body shape we wants to balance between the lower and the upper body, to make it more feminine and to define a waist for it, in this types of dresses the rectangle body shape looks the best ever .

in this dress a lady can get a little bit of waist definition.

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