All of us have been through teeth issue, if you never faced anything related to your teeth you’re lucky, but one of the major issues is not having the right bite or not having straight nice smile so you may met our friend “braces” and simply braces depends on your doctor decision, after living with them for one year or more you will figure out that braces are not enemy.


life with braces

living with braces may get you teeth pain and headache sometimes, may make you feel uncomfortable


worst part of wearing braces


1- braces can be turn your teeth to yellow if you didn’t brush them correctly.
2- can make you feel insecure.
3- non stopped pain.
4- food will be stuck.

Just to be honest braces is not an enemy braces changed my life as my experience having elastic  rubber and having retainer till now, my smile is way more beautiful and I feel much better about myself.

my own experience


the different i received really worth the trial and the pain so go for it.

How to deal braces’ pain ?

always make sure that you painkiller with you wherever you go as each visit to the dentist will get you horrible pain after it if you changed your wires.

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