what is feminism?

feminism is an expression came up in the last 5 generations, it’s about equality between the rights for the two genders and it’s not about going for replacing men place, it’s just being Powerful, energetic, smart, getting respect from your society, being independent, you can be whatever men can be and still having the same positions.

why to be feminist ?


To be feminist is to defend for your own rights and to take a good care of yourself and women around you, don’t feel and surround yourself by closed minded people as a lady you should support to avoid a lot as :

1- FGM

” female genital mutilation “
an operation to limit women sexuality and preserve virginity for marriage as for some cultures FGM is celebrated as a rite.
this may cause : Death, severe infection, HIV, complications with childbirth and extreme pain during intercourse.

2- sexual abuse.

sexual abuse is all around and everywhere just your right to defend any thing can get any woman in such a situation.

3- physical abuse.

A kind of abuse the children get affected with the most.
As unstable personality do such actions.

4-under-estimating your capabilities.

just make sure ladies that you work on yourself physically and mentally to achieve your goals.
get your self opened to all the thoughts around the world and be supportive to all kinds.

Best place for women around the world :

Iceland is the best place all over the world.
For women as women there are very powerful and mentioned in every single event whatever it is.

Remember ladies that equality doesn’t mean to lose your feminism or to be the one who’s doing everything with all the responsibility we already have enough.


Watch if you’re lost in chores and work always plays it smart.
once you yourself partner find someone who’s generous and gentleman just not to be in the same old circle.

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