financial Goals

All of us have very clear financial goals like buying fancy cars of fancy clothes or getting yourself your dream apartment or even getting your any amount of money with a lot of zeros in your bank account, this actually depends on who you are and what are you looking to achieve, as your relationship with money getting you with your thoughts the way you want, we to be honest not all dreams come true if we didn’t seek to get it as waiting for so long or getting yourself in somewhere where you actually hate your job as (9.00:5.00) to get lead you to lose your mind.

facing the reality

Before we go through any step we need to focus on what we’re now, how can we improve it, how exactly your feelings towards money.
money status transformation needs all of work, discipline and dedication so i am speaking right now as a very regular person very interested same as you in making money all we need to go through is just organized thoughts.

what do you exactly want ?

Learn to think about it even if you don’t have a penny in your pocket, take your time get all the feelings come and go and think… what do exactly need ?
why do you even need ? and how really good would it feels to have such amount of money ? would you be proud of you? or is it so hard as you will never get it? does you really worth it ?
Let me answer all these questions for you it’s all worth it and any positive answer is the correct one even if we will start from scratch at least we will take a move so let’s figure out how to start and how to make a step to your financial freedom :

1- save money from your main job

save money

saving money from your main job is a key to succeed as you will start small which is absolutely fine and say that your income is 5 k each month so you need to save at least 1.25 k each month and treat your saving the same as you treat your bills and prioritize it.

2- create a second income source

this specifically needs special skill or talent to be used in a smart way to get money out of it, actually it can be an idea or any kind of investment will actually get you to the same purpose.

3- reinvest

investment requires learning as investing can be in stick market or real state or even amount to be in your bank .

4- Learn more

when it comes to learning so it’s definitely up to you to have the best way you prefer but i recommend Audible with books such as :
1- get rich lucky bitch.
2- you bad ass at making money.
and if you ever read and financial motivation books please leave in a comment.

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