How to Get Rid of Dark Spots

Since i was little girl i had been suffering from dark circles, dark spots for sensitive and non sensitive areas.
i had breakouts for my face and different area on my whole body.
my teenage period i loved using full coverage foundation to cover the pimples and the dark circles and all area having extra pigment on it.
Beauty as i saw it on TV was so different.

dark spots and face treatment.
dark spots

i grew up and just found out that my own skin is not my enemy.
my skin just faced some kind of inflammation and in order the skin to protect itself .
me trying to lighten the outer pigmented area was a big failure and waste of time and money.

To cut it short : i know really got some experience about what is really effective and what’s not.
my sister used to deal with a lot of dermatologist for the past three years. Here’s the break down of what exactly to do to avoid and to treat the pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation.


The best way to avoid any pigmentation issues as protecting your skin make it much easier to it to heal.
At the same time you’re avoiding any harmful UV.
it can affect as your skin which leads to more protection and less pigmentation.

Vitamin C Serum

A great antioxidant and really helps your skin to keep its brighten and reduce the pigmentation as well, you can pick the easiest way to search and get a suitable one for you.
plus, make sure that you include in your meals more of it like lemonade and oranges.

BH cleansers

cleansers including beta hydroxy acids are really amazing for your own skin specially people who’re suffering from acne as it helps to exfoliating the surface and unclog pores.


laser is a great method and it has a lot of uses depending on the laser usage. I really like fractional laser as i helps the skin to renew and it’s not exactly for pigmentation issues, but it moves the blood circle in face making it glowing and healthy.

Spot Treatments

Spot Treatments Target the effected area with known amount of the product, it has the most best resolution of the all above.

you can follow some beautiful Gurus to know more about skin care here’s one of the best of them .

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