Millennial Millionaire

Graham Stephan, who is a millionaire lives in Los Angeles, As he is well known on youtube with his extreme frugally.
he saved up to 90% of his income after his income increased. Graham is a real model to each one who would like to move forward with his life.

take time for your mental health

Graham Stephan

Graham as a millionaire starts his day at 6:00 Am.
As he has mental time for himself to get ready, which is amazing, personally i never did the same.

Graham life is about youtube and stock market, affiliate marketing and real state.
so, he needs to be updated with all the news around.
he checks the news every morning.
he takes actions right away by making videos every day.
we do the same in our personal life but for the different perspective.

Be your own BOSS

As a smart man, he’s working hard on what can let him gain more money.
by focusing the most on youtube channel, i believe we can do the same.

Aslo, you can notice that he takes two walks a day and normally he likes to go the gym.

shortly : getting your own work done is the key, creating new income for yourself is a life saver and keep you energetic and enthusiastic inside out.
this is how millennial Millionaire is.

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