art of seduction

Art of seduction is a way of sweet manipulation, how to get exactly what you admire, different way of communication and active thinking.
this kind of art was used in the 18th century and way before that.
it runs around rules to catch your pray and seduce them, if gonna think it’s sexual seduction so you must know it’s not the one ( sexual attraction is not the most efficient method to seduce.

Here’s the most effective rules to seduction:

1- view interest in your target.

viewing interest demands real interest, real well that you want this prey by letting your target feels this interest.
Learn to love through rejection as even if you was rejexted by your target don’t let go and show much effort to attract them.

2- Go hot and cold

Having both moods, changing for no reason and letting your prey thinks that he did something wrong.
Let your target think of you, create any event any situation and any move that will let them fall in thoughts about you.

3- master the art of bold move

in seduction take the musk of being humble and in your real life you can take it off .
as we grow up we force our self to be more nice, more quiet as this is required by the society.
Go bold, you can be cruel sometimes, so sexy to show the devil side of you and you can use more drama as well.

types of seductive people:


siren is a phase of the outlook beautiful women, sh’s so seductive and so attractive.
the siren not only using her beauty of she’s kinda manipulative and so smart catching her prey.

the Rake

the rake is so energetic and powerful,a defensive,strong and dangerous.
they are known with bad reputation.
only stars and the wealthy can play the rake.

the ideal lover

an ideal physiologist who studies so hard his victim, his method is going around the his victim mood, on the tone of voice and how the victim reacts.
for ex : madame DE pompadour the wife of king Lawrence the 15th, she knew he get bored so quick so she wore different customs every day for 22 ruled the king’s heart

the dandy

the dandy is a free soul, reminds you with the imagination life, has much more senisor effect, valentino was a dandy as he was chick and plays with physicality and always in control, they live for pleasure not for work.

the natural

natural seducers learn the early value of getting the sense of innocence, reminds us with the sweet life of childhood quality therir openess and freshness,
Ex: charlie chaplin personality.

the coquette

i consider the coquette the trouble, they’r playing the hot and cold.
coquette are independent and narcissist.

the charmer

they never argue, clear and clever, they made us feel better and they make us depend on them.
To be a charmer to have to listen , listen to their complaint.
charmers ageless beauty ages.

the charismatic

can’t stop being with them, their charm make them believable.
the power of words what they depend on,

the star

dreams , a dreamer between the vision of reality and dream and they make us identified.
share the joy and pain.

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